The three awards categories this year are 'Zero pollution', 'Planning public spaces' and 'From farm to fork'. Additionally, there will…


The three awards categories this year are ‚Zero pollution‘, ‚Planning public spaces‘ and ‚From farm to fork‘. Additionally, there will be a members‘ vote.

From farm to fork

In this category, projects address the challenges of the food system to bring healthy and sustainable food to all citizens. The projects are carried out along the entire food supply chain: from promoting healthy diets, tackling food waste, providing food to those in need or supporting collaboration with all the food actors and co-creating ambitious food policies.

Zero pollution

In this category, the projects showcase examples of cooperation in order to
– prevent, eliminate and remedy water, air and noise pollution
– foster circular economy in cities, e.g. new business models, reskilling workers, digital tools to encourage reuse, repair cafés, etc.
– accelerate the decarbonisation of the city, e.g. zero emission public buildings, new bike lanes, electric municipal fleet, etc.

Planning public spaces

In this category, the projects bring together social and environmental benefits through innovative and inclusive planning of natural and built spaces: providing safe and universal access, promoting nature-based solutions that transform neighbourhoods and cities, and/or challenging how physical spaces can become enablers for community building.

Members' vote

For the first time, the awards ceremony will include a members‘ vote. Participants of the conference will be able to decide on their favourite project and vote on it using the tool ‚Election Runner‘ between the 11th and 22nd of October. Further information will be provided in advance.


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